Strindberg's CREDITORS Comes to Gene Frankel Theatre


From May 16 to June 2, August Strindberg Rep will present Strindberg's "Creditors," in a new translation by Robert Greer. This masterpiece from Strindberg's naturalist period is rarely excelled in its unity of construction, dramatic tension and acute psychological analysis, but it is far less performed and anthologized than "The Father" or "Miss Julie." During an afternoon in a lounge at a seaside resort, a revenge is played out as a credulous artist has his mind poisoned against his wife by her former husband. Mr. Greer directs.


Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street
New York , New York 10003


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Photo gallery of previous productions:

Photos provided by Katie Leffen, Jonathan Slaff, Al Foote III, Jingxi Zhang, and Adele Bossard.