Gail Thacker

Gail Thacker, managing director, pataphysian and internationally known photographer, in 2001 was asked by Gene Frankel to assistant him at his school, The Gene Frankel Theatre & Film Workshop. In 2002 Gene made her his managing director and in 2005 with Gene’s passing, Gail took over helm and opened the Gene Frankel Theatre. The goal of the Gene Frankel Theatre is to keep the legacy of Gene Frankel alive by nurturing new talents, that voice who we are today.

We look to give home to artists that cultivate theater that speaks not only of an idealistic sociopolitical change – but a personal change. The work that has come from this venue for the last 63 years has had civil rights and progressive thinking at its core. Today this is more relevant and necessary than ever. Gail Thacker is a graduate of Tufts University in conjunction with The Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts and M.I.T.